We provide a range of services to local and foreign SMEs from creation to implantation abroad and transmission as well as the accompaniment of their management team and stakeholders.

Business success requires the right corporate structure, efficient operations, and timely, well-executed strategic transactions.

We advise on corporate matters ranging from :

    • Formation of companies and partnerships
    • Start-ups
    • Acquisitions
    • Disposals
    • Reduction or increases in capital
    • Recruitment of personnel and drafting of employment contracts
    • Employment law
    • Assignment of shareholdings
    • Corporate and local taxation
    • Investment, mergers and demergers, partial contribution in assets
    • Joint ventures
    • Shareholders’ agreements
    • Corporate governance matters and cross border expansion
    • Assuring legal and environmental standards

Other company transactions (nomination and dismissal of directors, transfer of company headquarters etc.)

Whether you are a local or foreign company, our expertise can help you with a diverse range of corporate transactions and company contracts.

Representing your interests, defending your rights