Ribault & Rushe

Ribault & Rushe advises and represents company and private clients dealing with internal and transnational legal issues in France, Ireland and the UK. We operate with a small core team headed by its co-founders, Roger Ribault and Ray Rushe and supported by a network of law firms and individual experts in France, EU member states and countries outside the EU, providing legal services to companies, private clients and professionals.

Roger Ribault is a former trial judge and president of the Court of Appeal of Paris. He is also an avocat in the Paris Bar experienced in company and commercial transactions and civil and commercial litigation.

Ray Rushe is a dually qualified British solicitor and French avocat specializing in private international law matters in international litigation and arbitration and transnational issues in civil, commercial and company law.

Endowed with a legal biculturalism derived from both the Continent of Europe and the Anglo-American world, Ribault & Rushe take the international dimensions and their complexity into account when provides legal advice and services on transactional matters and litigation on behalf of its clients in the French, Irish and UK courts.

Because language barriers, cultural differences, distance, habits and judicial attitudes can sometimes be even more onerous than the diversity of laws, Ribault & Rushe is well placed to assist or represent you with your business development or legal disputes. Having language and legal communication skills in both languages; being legally qualified to practice in the jurisdictions and having connections among a network of lawyers, accountants and judges in all three jurisdictions, Ribault & Rushe can offer practical and effective solutions to your legal issues.

Our primary objective is to provide clients with cost effective legal assistance of quality within an ethical and transparent structure which puts the client first and safeguards their best interests.

Our overriding aim is to provide our clients with cost effective solutions to their international legal issues.